User/admin instructions

  1. Download “MapplerK” app.
  2. Once MapplerK has finished downloading, open the app.
  3. Make sure “Each” is selected and log in using the user ID and password provided.
  4. Review the screen overview notes and select the “X” on the bottom right corner
  5. Select the plus button on the top right corner to begin adding data
  6. Choose the location by holding, then releasing a location on the map
  7. Select the right arrow on the top right corner and follow the instructions for adding a photo
  8. Select the right arrow again once you have finished selecting photos to upload
  9. Fill out the survey. Be sure to select a category (or “Project Status”)
  10. Click submit once you have finished filling out the survey

*From the menu button, you can log out or view a short tutorial video